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Packaged Application Management
Business applications that are deployed today typically consist of five to ten distinct, off-the-shelf packaged applications (web servers, database, application server, messaging, security, reporting, etc.). These are assembled and configured to operate as a seamless whole. Ensuring this seamless-ness in a multi-product, multi-vendor, multi-release environment is no small task. Globix can take on the implementation, configuration, management, maintenance and optimization of some or all of your third-party package applications. This includes troubleshooting and resolving issues, applying patches and minor upgrades, consulting on new features and functions and working with the development team to coordinate implementation and full-scale upgrades.

Database Administration
The database typically serves as the core to any business application. The manner in which it is managed, administered and optimized will have a significant impact on the experience of the user and the business impact of the application. Globix can provide technical support for the database system, including identifying and resolving configuration issues, optimizing the database performance and ensuring that the Database Management System (DBMS) has appropriate server resources. This can include monitoring and providing technical support for data feeds in and out of the application, reviewing log files, managing errors and exceptions, restoring services and providing technical support for improving or optimizing processes.

Custom Code Management
To complement off-the-shelf packaged application functionality, today’s business applications are customized to a company’s specific needs through the use of custom code, scripts and routines written in a variety of languages and managed with a variety of version control software. Globix can provide reactive problem management and break-fix services for custom code and can proactively enhance or improve the custom software components of the application, adding or removing its features or functionality. Globix can also serve as the point of integration for all application changes, receiving application components from a variety of stakeholders, enforcing standards and shepherding changes from an integration environment through testing, staging and production.

Systems Administration
A business application is only as healthy as the systems it runs upon. Globix can provide systems administration, technical support, tuning, and problem management and resolution for servers and operating systems. This includes applying patches and upgrades, hardening servers, managing server resources (CPU, disk space, etc.), managing processes, modifying file permissions and account management, etc. Globix will provide systems administration for Globix-owned, Globix-hosted servers or for servers owned and hosted by clients and other third-party host facilities.

Content Integration
The Internet has become the primary means by which some companies interact with new and existing customers, sell products and services, work with partners, inform employees, create communities and promote brand. Content is King in this new communications medium. Globix will support the integration of application and website content (images, charts, text, media, documents, etc.) from the post-content-creation stage through and including the final push to production. Globix is adept at using automated content management systems as well as manually intensive or client-proprietary approaches. Content integration includes consulting on content distribution techniques and workflow support (publish/test/stage/production).

The health of today’s business applications cannot be determined by a single-faceted approach to monitoring. As a result, Globix provides a wide variety of application monitoring solutions. Globix’s functional monitoring entails creating and automating a set of functional scripts (or synthetic transactions) that are run against the production application on a regular basis. Globix’s application monitoring consists of installing and monitoring software agents that monitor the state and the health of specific application packages (e.g. database, application server, web server, etc.). Globix’s system monitoring entails installing and monitoring software agents that monitor a wide variety of server and server resource conditions such as availability/unavailability, server resources (CPU, Disk), operating system variables, health of processes running on servers, system log files, etc.

Performance/Scalability Management
The performance of today’s business applications is determined and affected by a multitude of components, systems, variables, thresholds, handoffs, potential bottlenecks and potential single points of failure. The performance challenge is heightened in cases where the business application is undergoing changes or needs to respond to scalability requirements. Globix will take both general and specific approaches to measuring, protecting and improving the performance of an application and the application’s environment. Services include performance monitoring, performance testing and discreet performance improvement initiatives.

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