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Different businesses have different partnership needs. That’s why we provide different partner programs to choose from. Select the one that’s right for your business. If you need help selecting, use our profiler.

Globix Value Added Resellers

Globix authorizes our resellers to market co-branded Globix services. Globix resellers are responsible for reselling a specified volume of their given solution or niche-focused service offering to their customer base.

Globix Technology Partners

Working closely with Globix, marketers of software or hardware can enhance their offerings by reselling our Internet services to customers through product promotions and bundled solutions.

Globix Solutions Integrators

Typically made up of ISPs, Web developers, hardware and software resellers, consulting organizations and regional or national systems integrators, our Partners are authorized to market Globix services and receive residual income for the business they generate.

Globix Alliance Partners

Acting as a type of sales consultant for Globix, our Solution Integrators receive one-time payments, based on the annual contract charges from the business they generate for Globix. This type of program typically appeals to consultants, independent Web developers and content developers.

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