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Globix Animators/Instructors

At Globix, we are proud that all of our certified instructors combine teaching expertise with a solid technical understanding and experience in a production environment. Over the years, each have completed projects for local & national studios and design firms. And when studios require custom training and consulting, the Globix team has delivered thousands of hours of on-site support. Their bios speak for themselves:

Richard DiLorenzo
Richard DiLorenzo has been teaching and creating animation and special effects in NYC for last 12 years. Having worked with NASA on the Jupiter Space Probe animation, commercial broadcasting spots and medical educational animations, he has experience in all phases of the animation industry. Keeping up with the latest technology in animation and editing, Richard has a broad knowledge of the highest-end software available. His capabilities include proficiencies in using Softimage: 3D & DS as well as Discreet: Flame & Smoke. Richard implemented an animation and motion capture lab at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Currently at Globix, Richard is teaching the next generation 3D software from Softimage, XSI.

Joseph DeGeorge
With an extensive background in animation and Industrial Design, Joe came to Globix in 1998. He has enjoyed teaching Alias|Wavefront certification classes for several years. Prior to coming to Globix, he spent two years educating a vast array of studios throughout North America as a consultant for Alias|Wavefront. He has worked in commercial broadcast studios such as Park Ave. Post, Flat Earth, Sunburst Productions, Smilin’ Gator Studios and BBDO, and in manufacturing for some of the top jewelry designers in New York and environs. Currently at Globix, Joseph is teaching several Alias|Wavefront classes in Design Studio and Maya.

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