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State-Of-The-Art Facilities Advance Learning
The Globix Training Center has the expert instruction and well-equipped facilities you need to bring your employees to a higher level of productivity. Featuring state-of-the-art classrooms with individual workstations (PC, Mac and SGI) and a range of courses — from design, animation, multimedia and graphics to Microsoft Certification, A+ Certification and PC and Mac applications — our Training Center helps your business realize a return on your investment. At Globix, your employees learn through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises. Each classroom features pull-down screens, ceiling-mounted multimedia projectors and workstations for each student to clearly demonstrate how to execute techniques. In addition to classes, a computer lab is available for student practice.

Globix Scores High Marks With Industry Leaders
The quality of our training facilities and curriculum has earned the recognition of industry powerhouses. They meet Microsoft’s highest standards, enabling us to be a Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center (CTEC) and offer financing for Microsoft Certification courses. The Globix Training Center is also authorized by Macromedia, Quark and Adobe. Globix is the only corporate training center in the Northeastern United States authorized to offer Alias|Wavefront and Maya certification classes and is a certified 3D Academic Partner with Softimage.

Maximum Flexibility For Maximum Results
In addition to offering your business the highest standards in training, we offer you optimum flexibility. We provide private and/or customized classes at our facilities or, if you prefer, on-site at your location. For companies that have their own instructors but need a centrally located, fully equipped space in which to meet or work, Globix also provides classrooms and seminar rooms on a rental basis. From high-end facilities and authorized curricula to our wide range of courses and ability to take our training anywhere, the Globix Training Center offers your business everything it needs to achieve results. That’s why training at Globix is the smart way to learn!

Globix Provides The Facilities, Flexibility and Range of Courses You Need to Enhance Your Company’s Productivity.
  • Wide range of topics, from courses in Maya and Softimage software to Microsoft Certifications
  • Demonstrations and hands-on exercises to facilitate student learning
  • Lab availability for practice outside of class time
  • Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center
  • Authorized Macromedia and Quark Training Center
  • State-of-the-art classrooms featuring multi-platform workstations,
    multimedia projectors and pull-down screens
  • Private and/or customized classes available at our site or at your location
  • Classroom and seminar rooms available for rent

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