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Globix Internet Security solutions may include hardware and software, policies and procedures, turnkey solutions or managed solutions.
  • Firewall
  • Managed Solutions
  • Co-managed Solutions
  • E-mail Virus Scanning
  • URL Blocking
  • Content Filtering

( Security Overview ) ( Firewall ) ( Beyond the Firewall )

Firewall Solutions
A firewall is an effective system for keeping a network secure. It is an integrated device (hardware and software) that can be configured for a range of security applications. Firewalls are widely employed to provide users with secure access to the Internet, as well as segregate a company’s public servers (e.g., Web servers, FTP servers and database servers) from its internal network. Another common use is to restrict access between different departments. In addition to controlling access, firewalls track and control communications to ensure that they follow a company’s established security procedures. Globix works with a variety of vendors to offer hardware, software, consulting, installation and managed services as part of your security solution. Your Globix Security Team can discuss many techniques to help you with your toughest security issues and assist you in selecting the correct firewall solution for your environment.

    Globix Firewall Services Include:
  • Network Address Translation
  • User Authentication
  • Stateful Inspection
  • Encryption
  • Application Gateways and Proxies
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Packet Filtering
  • Security Monitoring, Reporting and Logging

Additionally, Globix has extensive experience integrating third-party products into firewall solutions. We will recommend and provide the most appropriate solution for you.

Managed Firewall Solutions
Security does not end at the firewall. Globix partners with the most sophisticated companies in the industry to offer your organization enhanced security services.

  • Virus scanning (e-mail, HTTP, FTP)
    Eliminate viruses before they get into your network.
  • Active X and Java Screening
    Protect against hostile applets and provide a more complete solution than simply turning off user access to Web sites or programs powered by Java or Active X.
  • Content Filtering
    Scan the content of messages for trigger words or phrases that may indicate a violation of your company policy or another security issue.
  • URL Blocking
    Deny users access to certain categories of Web site URLs that you specify, for instance, sites that contain language, nudity, sex or violence that you consider inappropriate for the users of your network.

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