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Beyond the Firewall
With a managed firewall solution from Globix, you don’t need your own security engineer. Globix will help you define and develop your firewall security policy and install and manage the solution. In addition to providing the firewall hardware and software, Globix will provide additional services, including 24 x 7 management, monitoring and tech support. We will also create and provide access to audit records of firewall activity. In short, Globix provides a complete security solution.

Globix Secure
Globix Secure is a managed security solution that provides monitored security tailored to your needs. This is the perfect answer if you require a higher level of security or if you do not have the internal resources to manage a security solution. Globix offers many levels of managed and co-managed solutions. Contact your Globix Internet Consultant for details.

Total Internet Solutions
Globix is a leading Internet Service Provider, offering total Internet-based solutions to a range of businesses from start-up to Fortune 1000. The full range of Globix Internet services includes:

  • A network with extraordinary robustness and reliability, supported by expert network administrators and system engineers
  • Support for all your Internet service requirements, from Dedicated Access, Web Hosting and Co-Location to Streaming Media and E-Commerce
  • Cisco-powered network throughout all core, border and edge routers and switches
  • Outstanding customer service and technical support, the Globix Security Team, Globix Customer Support Team and the Globix Quality Assurance program
  • Superior equipment and integration services, including servers and workstations
  • Convenient, comprehensive training services, whenever you need them

Discover how Globix Internet Security — and the complete family Globix Internet solutions — can help you leverage the full power of the Internet. Call your Globix Internet Consultant today.

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