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Globix Satellite Internet Service brings satellite technology and the Internet together to extend the full power of the Internet to locations where it has been impractical before — including regions of the world where terrestrial communications infrastructures may be overburdened or non-existent.

At speeds ranging from 64 Kbps to 155 Mbps, Globix can deliver your IP traffic to any remote location in the world via a dedicated, high-speed bandwidth connection to our backbone network. Satellite-Internet links avoid existing international bottlenecks, and can be customized to meet all of your Internet-related needs.

Advantages of a Satellite Link

  • Quick Activation – Can be activated more quickly than terrestrial lines, especially in remote areas.
  • Scalability – Is rapidly expandable / scalable to accommodate growing needs.
  • No International Bottlenecks – Bypasses the limitations of local terrestrial networks that may be inadequate or too congested to give you the speed or availability you need.
  • Reach – Reaches locations where there is no existing infrastructure, for instance, places far from major cities or in other locations with limited facilities.
  • Multi-Point Connections / Broadcast Delivery – Allows shared connections with multiple points on your network, without the need to provide separate connections to each.
If you need a reliable connection to the Internet, but lack the ground-based infrastructure to accommodate your needs, Globix Satellite Internet Service is the answer.

Discover how Globix Satellite Internet Service — and the complete family of Globix Internet solutions — can help you leverage the full power of the Internet. Call Globix today at 1-800-4-GLOBIX or email us at [email protected].

Available Satellite Service Offerings

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