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Maximum Performance and Reliability
When Globix hosts your Web server, your customers will bypass bottlenecks and slowdowns at your site. That’s because your server will be connected to the diverse, high-availability, high-performance Globix network. Globix Web Hosting brings you closer to the Internet backbone for faster access to the Internet. We consider reliability to be absolutely paramount, so we’ve constructed an international backbone that is fault tolerant and have invested in top-quality equipment from Cisco and created a peering network that includes more than 750 agreements.

You have full access to your site for updates and database connectivity, just as you would if you hosted your server in-house.

Choose the platform you want: Windows NT or UNIX.

Choose the database you want.

Using Microsoft FrontPage? We support FrontPage Extensions.

Want audio/video streaming? We support both Microsoft Windows Media and RealNetworks.

E-commerce? We can license and install VeriSign, CyberGold, chat software and bulletin board programs to help you build a world-class site.


  • High-performance, multi-processor capable UNIX and NT servers
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Streaming Media know-how
  • Ring network topology with connections to major peering points
  • High-availability backbone powered by high-end Cisco core, border and edge router

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