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Introducing Globix Earthcache
EarthCache is an Internet content delivery system built by Globix with caching servers deployed globally across the edges of the Globix Internet backbone network. EarthCache is the only true global content distribution system that provides total control of content delivery to the edge of more destination networks than any other content delivery solution currently available.

Globix Earthcache Advantages Over Other Leading Solutions
Unlike other leading streaming media delivery systems without backbone, the Globix network with EarthCache is a true Internet backbone content delivery service that can control content delivery directly to the edge of the destination network. To provide true intelligence and fault tolerance, Globix controls both content caching and intelligent routing. The current leading solutions do not have all of the necessary elements to truly control the delivery of content. Globix EarthCache offers true control.

What Does Earthcache Do?
Web content is sent to the edges of the Globix Internet backbone network. Web content is stored at the edges of the Globix Internet backbone network. Frequently-viewed content sits closer to the end user and is served by the Globix EarthCache infrastructure at the edge, not by the source Web server at the core of the Co-Location and Web Hosting network.

Globix EarthCache Provides:

  • Improved Web-Site Performance
  • Improved Web-Page Delivery Times
  • Increased Web-Server Capacity
  • Savings on Internet Bandwidth
  • Fast Delivery of Captivating Web Content
  • Reliable Delivery of Streaming Media
  • Satisfied End Users

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