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E-Commerce Options
Globix has partnered with a host of e-commerce vendors to help you establish and operate a secure and appealing environment for shopping, browsing, downloading, chatting and buying. We will help you license, install or configure:

  • VeriSign, a digital certification authority

  • CyberCash, a secure credit card transaction application interface
  • Chat software for online chat sessions
  • Bulletin board programs

Security Options
Globix security professionals will help you with security policy and planning for a secure Web site. With comprehensive expertise in content security and firewall technology, we can also engineer and implement a custom solution for you.

Monitoring Options
Globix provides system-monitoring services to ensure your Web site is functioning properly. Those include:

  • HTTP monitoring of your Web pages
  • HTTPS monitoring of your secure Web pages
  • Pattern-match monitoring of individual Web pages
  • Login monitoring of the login process
  • CGI-bin monitoring of your scripts
  • FTP monitoring of data downloads
Additional Options
  • Additional data transfer on demand and flexible data transfer Committed Information Rate options
  • Memory upgrades and added processors
  • Initial Domain Name registration
  • Domain Name transfer
  • Accelerated installation options
  • Daily, weekly or monthly backup to protect against downtime

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