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What kind of power management infrastructure do they provide?

Why Is This Important?  All power is not created equal. Your mission-critical applications reside on equipment that is extremely sensitive to fluctuations in electrical current. Even minor fluctuations in power quality can cause catastrophic hardware failure.

Answer:  The power provided to Co-Location and Hosting customers is fully monitored and conditioned by Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to provide “clean” power at all times. Client power is also backed up by UPS and redundant diesel generators. Automatic transfer switches change power sources without interruption to clients.

How is access to your equipment restricted?

Why Is This Important?  In the e-business world, your livelihood is riding on equipment that can simply be switched-off or unplugged resulting in losses that mount by the second. Your Co-Location provider must secure access to your equipment, as well as protect your identity and anonymity within the Data Center.

Answer:  Globix restricts access to its SuperPOP Data Centers via trained security guards, photo-ID card key, and biometric scanners. Once inside, all activities are monitored 24 x 7 x 365 by plain-view and hidden cameras in all sensitive areas of the building. Our customer identification scheme is proprietary to Globix and connections are labeled differently at each end — only Globix has the key to deciphering which cables terminate at which locations. Cages and cabinets are never labeled by customer name unless requested.

Are the climate control systems in the data centers adequate and backed up in the case of failure?

Why Is This Important?  Networking hardware is extremely sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels. Too much humidity and moisture causes shorts circuits, too little and static electricity fries components. You would be hard pressed to find a Co-Location provider today that does not offer climate control within their data centers, but what if the power goes out? What if a unit fails?

Answer:  Globix climate control systems continuously monitor temperature and humidity levels within the data centers. Temperature is maintained at a constant 70° Fahrenheit while humidity is a constant 50%. In the event a climate control unit fails, the remaining units are designed to maintain optimal conditions at full data center capacity. All climate control units are backed up by UPS and diesel generator power.

Is your equipment adequately protected from the threat of fire or damage from fire-suppression systems?

Why Is This Important?  While the threat of fire is relatively low in a properly configured data center environment, the combination of high-power equipment and large amounts of plastic mean that a fire could quickly pose a threat to all the equipment housed in a data center. It is important that a provider has primary and secondary fire-suppression systems that not only extinguish fires quickly but that are also not harmful to your hardware

Answer:  Globix uses pre-action, dry-chemical fire-suppression agents in our SuperPOP Data Centers. These FM200 fire suppression systems are backed up by a second FM200 fire-suppression system in the event of a primary system failure. Above and below floor smoke detection systems need to be “crossed”, or triggered simultaneously, in order for the FM200 system to deploy. Even then, our technicians have 30 seconds to abort the release of the FM200 gas. FM200 gas leaves no residue on equipment and is safe for human inhalation.

Do they own their own Internet backbone?

Why Is This Important?  Even a state-of-the-art co-location environment is completely worthless to you unless your end- users can get to your site. In addition to a quality physical environment, your provider must have adequate network resources to ensure that users can always get to your site and that your site can always deliver content to them as quickly as possible.

Answer:  While other providers rely on 3rd parties to provide connectivity to the Internet, Globix has built its own high-speed, redundant Internet backbone. With more than 1,100 peering agreements and intelligent packet routing, your end- users are likely closer to the Globix backbone — and therefore your site — than they would be with any other provider. Our 100% uptime guarantee means that your content is guaranteed to always be available to your end-users.

Can they provide management and monitoring services?

Why Is This Important?  A good co-location provider needs to provide not only quality physical space and network connectivity, but also the tools necessary to ensure that your site is always available to your end-users. No matter how close you may be to your co-located hardware, it is important to have a technician always available to troubleshoot problems with your equipment.

Answer:  In addition to world-class facilities and Internet backbone, Globix provides management and monitoring solutions to ensure your site is up and running. Globix offers basic monitoring tools and higher level managed services to provide just the right level of support you are comfortable with.

Do they have a global reach?

Why Is This Important?  While the Internet is making the world a smaller place, it is still important to have an international expansion strategy. As your successful e-business reaches out globally, you need for your co-location provider to be there, too.

Answer:  Globix currently offers Co-Location services in New York, Santa Clara, Washington, D. C., London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Milan and Madrid. An international expansion plan will bring six additional data centers to the Globix portfolio during 2001. The Globix EarthCache Content Distribution Network allows your data to benefit from advanced technologies to move it quickly to the network “edge.”

Can you pay for just what you need now and grow into larger solutions later on?

Why Is This Important?  Co-Location providers need to have a flexible offer set. The amount of power, space, bandwidth, and other facets of co- location vary widely by customer.

Answer:  From half-cabinet space to thousands of square feet of data center space, Globix has a solution just right for you. Globix offers an almost infinite variety of enclosures, bandwidth, management, monitoring, power and connectivity options to its Co- Location clients.

Are they always there for you?

Why Is This Important?  Your server never sleeps, nor should the company responsible for making sure your server is always up and running. A quality service provider has 24 x 7 x 365 live technical support, not recordings or answering services.

Answer:  All Globix SuperPOP Data Centers are staffed with live technicians 24 x 7 x 365. If any of our continuous monitoring systems detect a problem, there is someone there to solve it, any time of day, any day of the year.

What kind of installation support do they provide?

Why Is This Important?  In today’s competitive e-business arena, time-to-market is critical to your success. Selecting a provider that has fast and flexible installation options is a must.

Answer:  Whether you need full solution design and installation, or just prep area space to assemble your equipment yourself, Globix has the answer. We can help with network architecture, equipment selection, and software recommendations. Once a solution is designed, Globix engineers can install, test and troubleshoot your equipment.

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