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Globix has become a leading provider of Internet connectivity and sophisticated Internet-based solutions by delivering total Internet solutions. Globix offers:

  • Its own high-speed, high-availability, fiber-optic Internet backbone
  • Peering agreements for more than 750 peering connections in the United States and abroad, creating a network that speeds up Internet traffic
  • A broad range of products, from Dedicated Access, Co-Location and WebHosting, to Internet Security, E-Commerce, Streaming Media and other advanced Application Services
  • Personal attention from Internet consultants and 24 x 7 x 365 customer support
  • Network hardware available for purchase and custom network integration services
  • Extensive training services

State-of-the-Art Security
To keep your equipment safe, the Globix SuperPOP Internet Data Centers offer multiple security features, including surveillance cameras, motion sensors, biometric identification systems, controlled access and 24-hour security-guard patrols. No identifiable marks are visible on any server enclosure, nor is there a master-key system. In addition, Globix system security experts can help you select firewall technology and other security measures to protect your online presence.

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