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Globix Co-Location Facility Specs
  • Cisco high-end routers and switches
  • FM200 dry fire-suppression systems
  • Multiple-zone down flow Liebert environmental control systems
  • Liebert UPS systems
  • Battery backup
  • Redundant power distribution feeds
  • Backup diesel generator power

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( The Globix Difference )

Maximum Performance In A Secure Server Environment
If you want to own your own server, but don’t have a secure, environmentally controlled space, Globix Co-Location will provide you with the protected space, reliable connectivity and redundant power supply you need. When you co-locate your equipment at a Globix SuperPOP Internet Data Center, your server will be connected directly to the high-performance Globix network, with its diverse, high-availability, fiber-optic ATM backbone. This proximity gives Internet users faster access to your site and enables them to bypass Internet bottlenecks and slowdowns. Our SuperPOP Internet Data Centers are strategically located in major metropolitan areas for convenient physical access to your servers, day or night. Of course, you can opt for dedicated remote access for updates, database connectivity and maintenance, just as if you hosted your server in-house. Bring your own server, or Globix can provide you with a server.

Scalable Data Transfer and Security
When you locate your server in-house, you may find yourself purchasing additional high-cost bandwidth to cover contingencies or peak hours. When you co-locate at Globix, you select the physical space and minimum Committed Information Rate (CIR) that’s right for you. As your traffic grows, Globix will grow with you and provide the additional space and bandwidth you need.

Full-Cabinet Co-Location
You get a full cabinet of space and a minimum of 1 Mb of bandwidth. The cabinet, which can hold multiple servers, is locked and outfitted with redundant power feeds, both of which are backed up by uninterruptible power supplies.

Steel Cage Co-Location
You get a 7 x 8-foot cage and a minimum of 9 Mb of bandwidth. The steel cage has 12-gauge-wire mesh, ventilated screens, and four equipment racks. Each rack has its own network demarcation and dual, redundant power feeds.

You get a full 56 square feet of space and a minimum of 9 Mb of bandwidth. The GloBox™ enclosure has solid, two-ply steel walls and twist-lock handles on both the top and bottom for maximum security and anonymity. Four equipment racks each have their own network connectivity and dual, redundant power feeds.

Custom Enclosures
The Globix Application Services team will help you design and configure your own space within our data center.

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