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Perhaps no other technology is poised to so revolutionize business communications as Streaming Media. It offers companies a new, powerful, cost-effective and measurable way to communicate and interact with prospects, customers, investors and the general public. But Streaming Media also has nearly as many moving parts as it does benefits: there is video and audio to record, editing, encoding, live event production, servers, network bandwidth, etc. For many companies the “do-it-yourself” approach is simply not an option, and neither is chasing down multiple vendors. That’s why Globix offers the most comprehensive end-to-end streaming solution in the marketplace today.

With Globix, you can choose from a wide array of services including:

Production Services
Encoding Services
Hosting and Distribution
Presentation Tools
Traffic Analysis

And all Globix Streaming Media services utilize our high-capacity backbone and network, the infrastructure of our world-class Internet Data Center facilities, and EarthCacheTM our own content delivery network so that you can rest assured your streaming media solution will scale to deliver the best experience to the largest audience.
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For an example of how powerful Globix Streaming Media services are, check out the news of our record amount of streaming Iraq War coverage.

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