Managed Security

Globix understands that robust and reliable security is a key component of the decision to outsource hosting and management of your Internet Infrastructure. Keeping up with virus patches, responding to worm alerts, finding and filling application holes and thwarting hackers has become a full-time job that many companies can’t afford to allocate resources towards. That’s why Globix offers a full suite of security services ranging from threat assessments to intrusion detection. We stay vigilant even when you can’t be.

Threat Assessment
Our experts will work one-on-one with you to identify the most likely threats to the security of your Internet applications and infrastructure. And we’ll recommend solutions that encompass hardware, software, network as well as human engineering issues.

Firewalls, VPNs and Intrusion Detection
At the core of any effective security program is your firewall. Globix will help you set up and manage any Checkpoint or Cisco firewall, helping you to set the critical initial security policies that make a firewall effective and keeping them up to date with moves, adds and changes. We will also help you to use the latest encryption methods to link multiple locations together with VPNs. And beyond static firewall policies, Globix will provide sophisticated intrusion detection monitoring and profiles so that your firewall adapts to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and other advanced security threats.

Since common PC-based viruses and Spam are the most common threat to productivity and security Globix also provides a set of anti-virus and anti-spam solutions. We will provide the filtering and updates so that you don’t have to, allowing your IT staff to focus on supporting users instead.