Rapid Deploy

Your Internet infrastructure needs to perform at its peak to meet the demands and expectations of your applications and users. So what do you do when your existing data center solution isn?t meeting the need anymore? You don?t have the time or resources to make it happen as quickly as you want, but staying put with a mediocre solution isn’t an option either.

Globix recognizes that for many firms the prospect of moving Internet assets from one data center to another is a daunting task that could strain IT resources and result in unacceptable application downtime. That’s why we developed RapidDeploySM – a combination of co-location, bandwidth, professional services and hands-on logistical support to enable enterprises to quickly and easily move their Internet applications from a distressed provider to a Globix Data Center.

A Pre-Configured Platform
Rapid Deploy includes a pre-configured hosting platform that provides an ideal transitional environment in which to host your servers while you make the move to a permanent Globix solution and ensuring users have seamless access to your applications. The platform includes a dedicated 1Mbps of access (scalable to 100 Mbps as needed), four load-balanced web and database servers, a dedicated firewall, and a selection of operating systems to choose from. This robust infrastructure provides everything you need to temporarily host your application without having to buy additional hardware or software.

Logistics and Project Management
In addition to the pre-configured infrastructure, Globix will provide the hands-on support you need to make your transition a successful one. Our experts conduct a three-stage process to ensure compatibility, draft technical documentation, coordinate third party moving vendors, and provide IP and DNS resources and testing.
FREE for 30 Days!

Best of all, RapidDeploySM is FREE for 30 days to any customer moving to Globix for a complex hosting solution. You get the temporary infrastructure and logistical resources you need to make a successful move, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your applications will stay online.


RapidDeploySM has helped many companies migrate to a solution that meets their needs without the headaches associated with doing it all yourself. Click here to see how one customer used RapidDeploySM to ensure a smooth transition.

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