Managed Data Backup Services

As important as your Internet applications and infrastructure are, it is the data behind them that is truly irreplaceable. That’s why Globix provides a suite of tape backup and restoration services to make sure your application data is safe, secure and immediately available in an emergency.

Turnkey Solution
Globix provides a full range of backup and recovery solutions. In the event of an emergency, one call to our help desk is all it takes to get our expert staff started on the retrieval of your data. Globix even provides the online reporting tools you need to check on your backups, review statistics and maintain control of your mission critical data.

Flexible Options
With Globix Data Backup Services you determine the frequency and size of your backups. Choose from daily or weekly, full or incremental backups. We can store your backup tapes on-site at a Globix data center or at a remote location. Our flexible pricing allows you to pay only for the amount of data you store each month enabling you to effectively budget and manage your cost.

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