Dedicated Access

Globix Dedicated Access provides you with the fast, reliable and secure connection you need to support business-critical applications, including end-user Internet access, Web site support, access to Web-based applications (like streaming media and Internet-based e-mail), large data and file transfers and more. Globix Dedicated Access connects your company to the Internet via the Globix high-capacity backbone, which is fully owned and operated by Globix. To suit your needs, Globix offers connectivity at a variety of speeds.

A World-Class Network Solutions Provider

Globix will provision your leased-line circuit from your local telecommunications provider and coordinate installation with your technical staff. Once your Dedicated Access connection to the Internet has been installed and activated, Globix will monitor the connection 24 x 7, from our world-class Global Network Operations Center. Included as part of your Dedicated Access service, Globix will register a domain name for you and configure your automated connectivity-monitoring service. The Globix Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees 100% backbone network uptime and 99% sustained packet throughput.

Equipment and Installation Options
Globix offers a full suite of standard network-access hardware, optimized for use with our Dedicated Access services. You may choose to rent or purchase both standard and custom-configured network access hardware from Globix. If you prefer, you can provide your own equipment. Globix offers a modular installation solution so you may select exactly the type of system installation that fits your needs. You may opt to purchase comprehensive on-site installation of Globix network access hardware or you can choose to install it yourself.

Security Options
Globix offers a full product line of managed and non-managed firewall solutions. Globix security professionals will help you with security policy planning and implementation, to ensure a secure
Dedicated Access connection to the Internet.

Additional Options
· Backup Internet connections · Network Address Translation
· Border Gateway Protocol for multi-homing · Additional Domain Name Registration
· ISDN backup for T-1/E-1 circuits · Domain Name Transfers and Updates

The Globix Network

Unlike many other providers, Globix owns its own international network, designed to meet the most stringent reliability, availability and security requirements of businesses with mission-critical applications. Our domestic OC-48 (2.4Gbps) network is purposely over-engineered to accommodate traffic spikes such as those created during sudden surges in customer usage or during large live streaming media events. This policy leaves plenty of bandwidth for your application so your users experience the best possible performance. Click here for more information on the Globix network.

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