Co-location Services

Globix Co-location is the most customized hosting solution available for your systems and applications. Globix will assist you with the design and the implementation of your Globix-hosted solution. Your equipment will be hosted in one of our state-of-the-art Data Centers strategically located in major metropolitan areas for convenient physical access by your technicians, or you can select one of many Globix Managed Services options for support. When you host your equipment at a Globix Data Center, your server is connected directly to the Globix high-performance network, giving users faster access to your application and avoiding Internet bottlenecks and slowdowns.

Scalable Space and Bandwidth

When you locate your equipment in-house, you may find yourself purchasing additional bandwidth to cover peak hours or becoming space-constrained as your data center footprint expands. When you host at Globix, you select the physical space and minimum bandwidth that’s right for your application. As your requirements grow, Globix services will scale to meet your needs and provide the additional space and bandwidth you need.

Options include:
· Half Cabinets
· Full Cabinets
· Steel Cages
· Custom Space and Enclosures

System Options

With Globix Co-location you have the power to fully customize every aspect of your underlying infrastructure including hardware, bandwidth, installation, security and management options.

Equipment Options
Globix supports most leading Internet hardware and software platforms, including (but not limited to) those from Check Point, Cisco, Compaq, Microsoft, Storage Technologies and Sun Microsystems. You may purchase equipment and applications from Globix, or bring your own.

Installation Options
Globix can configure and install standard equipment. We provide custom installation for special configurations. Alternatively, you can have your equipment delivered directly to the Globix Data Centers for your own installation and configuration.

Other Co-location Options Include:
· Managed Services bundles
· Storage and Data Back Up services
· Internet Security Services
· Messaging Services

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Globix Data Centers provide you with the safe, secure, redundant facilities your application demands. Each Globix facility is equipped with features such as 24 x 7 technical support, backups for power and critical systems, and advanced fire detection and suppression. Globix Data Centers also employ the highest possible security features, including video surveillance, by both visible and hidden cameras, motion sensors, biometric identification systems, controlled photo ID key-card access and 24-hour security-guard patrols. Click here to learn more about our Data Centers.

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