Application Excellence (APEX) Program

Building Block Approach
Globix has learned from experience that enterprises want a customizable, building-block approach to applications management because that’s how their Internet Infrastructure is built in the first place. The Globix Application Excellence (APEX) Program is a modular approach to managing today’s three tier Web-based Internet Infrastructures. Whether you need help managing your Web servers, applications server software, databases or need the customer code that ties it all together Globix is the answer. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic tool-sets and proven processes we will monitor every element of your Internet Infrastructure from network to server to software to application interfaces ensuring they perform at their peak and isolate causes when they are not. We will manage every element of your Infrastructure providing administrative functions, data integration, quality assurance, reporting and log analysis, and change management functions. We’ll maintain your Infrastructure by providing break-fixes, managing bug fixes and applying software patches. And most important of all, we’ll work to optimize your Internet Infrastructure by adding functionality, improving application user experience, enhancing performance, integrating new features, and custom code.

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Techniques for maximizing the return on Internet initiatives.

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