The Globix Network

The Globix Network is precision engineered to deliver the highest possible levels of performance to your mission-critical applications.

Tier 1 Global IP Network
Unlike most providers, Globix owns and operates its own Tier 1 Global IP Network. Owning the network allows Globix to control resources and deliver unparalleled network quality and control. Our OC-48 (2.488 Gbps) domestic US network and multiple OC-3 (155Mbps) transatlantic connections are engineered to deliver the highest possible reliability, security and availability. Globix Data Centers are conveniently located in major metropolitan hubs in New York City, Santa Clara, CA and London UK and house our best-of- breed Cisco and Juniper routers. In addition, Globix connects to numerous network access points, commercial Internet exchanges and other network service providers thus ensuring quick, easy and affordable access to the Globix backbone. And the Globix EarthCache content delivery network ensures that your content will reside as close to its users as possible increasing your control and ensuring your users get the best experience possible from your web site.

Network Management that Delivers Performance
A great backbone is only as good as the management behind it; Globix’s backbone is among the most skillfully managed networks in the world. Globix closely manages capacity and content delivery across all links on its network to minimize spikes in traffic and ensure that there is always adequate bandwidth available. Globix also uses “cold potato” routing to ensure that your content stays on the Globix Network as long as possible. Globix has one of the Internet’s largest peering networks with more than 1200 agreements across 600 networks that ensure fast, reliable content delivery. Globix’s network-wide SLA backs up this performance offering 100 percent uptime and reachability and 0 percent packet loss guarantees.

Support that Gives You Peace-of-Mind
Globix monitors its network 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from its state-of-the-art Global Network Operations Center (GNOC). The GNOC is the command, control and connections center for all Globix network operations and it is fully integrated into Globix’s customer support centers and POPs thus ensuring a complete view into the entire customer experience and guaranteeing you complete peace-of-mind.

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