Globix Data Centers

Globix owns and operates three of the world’s most advanced data centers in New York City, Santa Clara, CA and London UK. Each of these facilities was built to offer your applications the highest possible availability and performance. Each Data center is equipped with the following features:

• Connectivity to the Globix International Backbone
• Redundant Power Feeds
• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems
• Backup Diesel Generator Power
• 24 x 7 Monitored Security
• Environmental-control Units
• Fire-suppression Systems
• 24 x 7 system administrators on-site to monitor and maintain the data center infrastructure and client equipment.

Global Network Operations Center
The Globix Global Network Operations Center (GNOC), located in New York City, serves as the command, control and communications center for all Globix network operations and customer support centers. Staffed 24 x 7 with teams dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of service, the GNOC utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology for monitoring and managing the network and identifying and resolving problems.

Advanced Security
Globix Data Centers provide you with multiple security features, including video surveillance by both visible and hidden cameras, motion sensors, biometric identification systems, controlled photo ID key-card access and 24-hour security-guard patrols.

At all times, Globix Security Personnel are on duty to ensure the safety of your systems and your employees. Security guards are stationed at every entrance to the site guaranteeing that entry is strictly limited to authorized personnel and to properly account for all equipment entering and leaving the facility. Each guard is supplied with up-to-the-minute access rights information that is linked to Globix Internal Security tools to ensure complete security.

In addition to the security desk, Globix Security personnel man a complex system of monitoring applications designed to oversee the security of the entire facility from data centers to generators. These controls ensure that your systems are protected from unwanted visitors and that access to critical systems is restricted.

In addition to electronic keycards, access to our secure data center facilities is restricted by biometric fingerprint scanners that ensure every user is who they claim to be. The scanners require that the thumb used on the sensor match the print in the system, be within a standard temperature range and have a detectable pulse.

New York City
Santa Clara

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Globix data centers have a history of proven performance. During the massive August 2003 blackout, Globix’s New York data center performed flawlessly, meeting customer expectations and keeping the lights on when virtually the rest of New York was in the dark. Click here to read more about the blackout and how we handled it.