EarthCache™ Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Having a fast network is only part of the answer to delivering content quickly and efficiently over the Internet. If every user has to come to the same server to get content, bottlenecks, traffic jams and server overload will inevitably occur. That’s why Globix developed EarthCache™ – an innovative CDN that enables your site to reduce server load, deliver optimum performance to users, and increase bandwidth efficiency. By replicating and distributing your application content to geographically dispersed server nodes, EarthCache can deliver a 4 to10 fold improvement in delivery speed. EarthCache is a fully managed, outsourced service that achieves its performance advantage by leveraging the extensive peering and architecture of the Globix network, as well as our expert 24 x 7 operations staff.

EarthCache allows you to meet the peak-load demand of flash crowds without incurring large up-front capital costs for hardware, software and personnel. Best of all, it can be implemented within minutes instead of months. Faster, more reliable downloads; just another way Globix leverages its unique infrastructure to improve the performance of your web application.

EarthCache Features:
Scalable – Caching nodes are located at more than half of Globix’s network POPs and leverage the peering connections with other Tier 1 backbones. Each EarthCache node has a minimum of 5Gbps of connectivity and 1 Terrabyte of storage space enabling them to handle even the largest content events.

Intelligent & Efficient – EarthCache divides the Globix network into logical zones, continuously probes end-users connections and directs users to the node that will best serve them. It also uses "pull caching" and content "freshness" to ensure that users receive the best content available.

• Flexible – EarthCache supports both web objects (http, JPEG, etc.) as well as a full array of streaming media files sets including Microsoft Windows Media, Real Networks Real Media, and Apple QuickTime Progressive Download.

EarthCache Benefits:
• Increased capacity and reliability of existing Web servers
• Overall increased Web site performance even during flash crowds
• Decreased load on existing Web servers
• Decreased volume of core Internet bandwidth usage.
• Substantially reduced capital expenditures for hardware and software
• Increased end-user satisfaction due to faster page delivery
• Increased end-user retention due to faster page delivery
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