24/7 Assistance

Proactive monitoring to ensure service excellence.

Our Network Operation Centers are command control for our business, so they are at the core of our ability to provide complete customer satisfaction. Located in New York City, NY, and Westborough, MA, they are staffed 24×7 by technical personnel who monitor all of our facilities, equipment, and services. Our people are trained and prepared to manage every element of your infrastructure – from network to hardware to software to applications.

Using sophisticated network surveillance tools, we do more than just monitor the status of the infrastructure; we actually work to proactively optimize it. Seeking to resolve issues before they impact the user’s experience is one way we work to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

Our Network Operation Centers are designed to include built-in redundancy, resilience, and fail-over capabilities. The centers are designed to withstand a number of issues, such as power outages and network failures. You can rest assured that our Network Operation Centers are ready to serve you when the need arises.

We believe that the only way to ensure that we provide consistent customer support to our customers is by doing it ourselves. Because of this belief, we do not outsource our call center function, making certain that each and every call is handled by a Globix employee.

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