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Romeike is the UK’s only provider of integrated communication management solutions. It is relied on by over 2,000 public relations consultancies and more than 6,000 in-house communications departments for its portfolio of media monitoring, media evaluation, media contacts and news distribution products and services.

Romeike was established over 150 years ago and now, through word of mouth and reputation, a large proportion of the UK PR and communications industry relies on it. This puts the company under enormous pressure to ensure its services are up-to-date and operational 24 hours a day.

To do this, Romeike employs a team of researchers who monitor the media market continually for details of new launches, publication closures, personnel changes and so on – up to 30,000 updates per week are made to Mediadisk, their flagship database for media contacts.

To ensure the availability of this information, Romeike partners with managed hosting specialist, Globix UK, to ensure that the 22 servers that hold this data, and the SQL connections that deliver the updates to the clients, are fully operational at all times.

Romeike has always outsourced the management of its Web infrastructure to a third party. However, in 2003, it realised that its current hosting provider could no longer offer the flexibility it needed from a technology partner.

Romeike’s hosting requirements had already grown exponentially and faced with the launch of the significant upgrade of Mediadisk, it made economic sense to purchase, rather than continue to lease a farm of servers. However, Romeike’s previous hosting partner did not have an economic proposition to meet these requirements.

“Our business requirements had changed, but our hosting partner could not change with us,” explained Neil Martin, IT Director, Romeike. “Due to the amount of processing power we now need, we realised it would make more economical sense to purchase our own hardware and pay for it to be managed by a hosting provider that could accommodate both our current needs and future growth. On a three year capital write-off programme we estimated that this decision would save the equivalent of paying for the servers 48 times over!”

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