24/7 Assistance

Globix Proactive Resolution Service provides high-level, Tier 3, technical support to diagnose system issues, respond to monitoring alerts, and perform predefined procedures to rectify system related issues. This service allows you to leverage the experience and talents of Globix’ system engineering staff, allowing you to focus on mission critical activities.

  • Responsive — Quickly diagnose and rapidly respond to potential and actual fault conditions.
  • Proactive — We identify issues and can resolve problems identified via monitoring before they impact your environment.
  • Expertise — Our staff is trained in all and certified in many of the technologies required to understand and rectify problems on behalf of our clients.
  • Cost-Effective — Provides an economical way to purchase the support you need.
  • Scalable — You don’t need to hire system engineers on your staff to support your needs; you can add additional blocks of hours when the need arises.

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