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High-Density Hosting Service

Seeing the increased deployment of high-density servers, Globix has developed data center capabilities that meet the advanced power and cooling requirements of such demanding equipment.

From lower acquisition and operational costs to improved overall manageability, the benefits of blade servers are evident. However, it’s no secret that the deployment of blade servers has created a number of challenges for many data center providers. Space-saving benefits, including networking and storage consolidation, are typically offset by the large power and cooling demands of high-density computing. In fact, most first- and second-generation data center design criteria are far below what is required to effectively accommodate blade servers in any volume. This is what differentiates Globix from other providers.

Globix’ High Density Hosting (HDH) Service provides customers with a complete environment to support the power, cooling, and management requirements of blade servers. With up to ten times the power and cooling capabilities of traditional data centers, our HDH offers a cost-effective solution for efficient high-density hosting.

* High-density Hosting is currently only available in the UK.