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Globix to Host High-Traffic AICPA Web Site

NEW YORK – March 24, 1999

Globix Corporation (NASDAQ: GBIX), a leading provider of Internet connectivity and sophisticated Internet-based solutions for large and medium size businesses, has been selected by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to host and administer its popular Web site ( The AICPA, with more than 330,000 members throughout the United States, serves as a valuable forum for exchanging information and networking.

Globix Corporation’s physically secure, state-of-the-art Internet Data Center and powerful network capacity made it the natural choice for administering the AICPA’s solution. To satisfy the AICPA’s needs, Globix designed an integrated hardware and software solution that will be co-located in the Globix Data Center and connect directly to the Globix network, ensuring open lines, fast download times, reliable service and secure transmissions.

‘The AICPA selected Globix to design and develop a solution due to their impressive combination of bandwidth, technical expertise and range of services,’ said Linda Cohen, publisher, professional publications and technology, AICPA. ‘We require a Web site that offers optimum security and fast, reliable Internet access, including the ability to connect our 330,000 members simultaneously. After a careful assessment of our needs, Globix developed a Co-location solution that our members can count on.’

Marc H. Bell, President and CEO of Globix Corporation, said ‘The AICPA needed an integrated approach to their Web service and I’m pleased that such a prestigious association recognized our ability to provide it. This reinforces my belief that businesses want quality, one-stop convenience from their Internet Service Providers. This is the future of our company.’


The AICPA is the national professional organization of CPAs with over 330,000 members in business and industry, public practice, government and education. It is the first national, professional membership organization to be ISO 9001 certified, in recognition of its quality management and assurance practices.

About Globix

Globix is a leading provider of advanced Internet hosting, network and applications solutions for business. Globix delivers services via its secure state-of-the-art Internet DATA Centers, its high-performance global backbone and content delivery network, and its world-class technical professionals. Globix provides businesses with cutting-edge Internet resources and the ability to deploy, manage and scale mission-critical Internet operations for optimum performance and cost efficiency.

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