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Globix Broadcasts Oscar Winning Film Short Online

NEW YORK – March 25, 1999

New York, New York – March 24, 1999 – Globix Corporation (NASDAQ: GBIX), a leading provider of Internet connectivity and sophisticated Internet-basedsolutions for large and medium size businesses, provided a one-stopstreaming solution to Blue Sky Studios for the online broadcast of ‘Bunny,’Blue Sky’s sophisticated, animated film short that won an OscarĀ® on March21, 1999.

The Globix Streaming Media Group utilized its streaming expertise toproduce, encode and broadcast the animated short to online viewers aroundthe world. In addition to the streaming solution, another division of Globix, the Interactive Media Group, developed the Web site interface thatinteracted with viewers when they logged on to view the broadcast.

The Bunny cybercast was viewed through a link on the Digital Media page ofthe Globix Web site, (or and was designed to be easily accessible to onlineusers. It will continue to run until Monday, March 29. (The Globix DigitalMedia Group has an ongoing relationship with Blue Sky as a supplier ofsophisticated hardware and software designed to create animation anddigital media production). Utilizing Microsoft Windows Media Technology andReal Media Player, Globix encoded the broadcast to enable users with arange of Internet connection speeds to view the broadcasts with optimalclarity.

Created and produced at Blue Sky Studios, Bunny has achieved a newmilestone in animation. The seven-minute short, written and directed byChris Wedge with music by singer/songwriter Tom Waits, is the firstcomputer-animated film to use radiosity, an advanced computer renderingtechnique that mimics the most subtle properties of natural light. Sinceits introduction, the piece has attracted quite a bit of attention. Inaddition to its recent Academy Award and invitations to play at numerousfilm festivals, the film also earned top honors at Imagina in Monaco,taking the grand prize in a field that included Antz, What Dreams May Come,and Prince of Egypt. It is scheduled to show at the Film Forum in New Yorkin May and has also been invited to join the 1999 Spike & Mike Festival ofAnimation, which tours over 50 cities in America and Canada.

Marc H. Bell, President and CEO of Globix said, ‘Our company’s relationshipwith Blue Sky – from animation and digital hardware/software supplier to aprovider of sophisticated streaming and Web interface solutions -highlights our abilities to provide businesses with a one-stop service fortheir Internet and high-end technology needs. I’m very glad that Blue SkyStudios was able to take advantage of our multi-service offerings for theirincredible film short and I’m equally pleased with their results.’

Chris Wedge, Co-founder of Blue Sky Studios and Writer/Director of Bunnysaid, ‘Globix gave us the opportunity to showcase our work to people acrossthe globe, and this has been very exciting for us. Our film was a labor oflove, developed to showcase the company’s filmmaking ability andtechnology. And the response has been overwhelming. People from as far awayas Iceland have requested screenings. The Web broadcast offered a great wayto reach everyone.’

About Globix

Globix is a leading provider of advanced Internet hosting, network and applications solutions for business. Globix delivers services via its secure state-of-the-art Internet DATA Centers, its high-performance global backbone and content delivery network, and its world-class technical professionals. Globix provides businesses with cutting-edge Internet resources and the ability to deploy, manage and scale mission-critical Internet operations for optimum performance and cost efficiency.

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