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Globix Reaches Peering Connection Milestone

NEW YORK – October 5, 1999

Globix Corporation (NASDAQ: GBIX), announced today that it has signed its 400th peering connection. This significant milestone in Globix history was achieved in just over 90 days. In June, Globix announced that its network backbone was operational and had turned on one of its first peers, America Online. With over 400 private and public peering connections Globix is now in the top tier of ISPs and backbone providers.

Globix is connected to its peers at various points on its high-speed network domestically and throughout Europe. By peering with the world’s top ISPs and communications companies, the Globix network can reduce the multiple network hops that data often takes to reach its final destination on the Internet. Peering will allow Globix to keep the information on its network intact until it can be delivered as close as possible to the end user.

Tony Previte, Chief Technology Officer of Globix Corporation said, ‘The demand for the delivery of quality, high-speed information over the Internet has changed the way hosting companies must design and operate their networks. Our network and balanced traffic load make us one of the most desirable peers in the industry and our customers only stand to benefit tremendously as our network continues to become more robust.’

About Globix

Globix is a leading provider of advanced Internet hosting, network and applications solutions for business. Globix delivers services via its secure state-of-the-art Internet DATA Centers, its high-performance global backbone and content delivery network, and its world-class technical professionals. Globix provides businesses with cutting-edge Internet resources and the ability to deploy, manage and scale mission-critical Internet operations for optimum performance and cost efficiency.

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