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The Challenge:

When organisations approach GlobusMedia in search of digital brand development, vision and online capabilities, they join good company. Among GlobusMedia’s diverse list of clients are wireless device developer Symbian, Ford Motor Company and finance index company Cantor Fitzgerald.

For these and other clients, the value is in GlobusMedia’s comprehensive suite of end-to-end services that range from consulting, planning, design and production to hosting and maintenance of its clients’ Web sites. While GlobusMedia specialises in both front-end and back-end processes, the company required a partner to fulfil the crucial hosting and networking elements of e-business, such as co-location, security firewalls and network connectivity, to ensure a reliable, available and secure presence for its clients. For this, GlobusMedia turned to Globix.

Back in September 1999, GlobusMedia became one of the first co-location customers at the Globix West End London Data Centre. At that time, GlobusMedia had expanded its offerings to include Web hosting for its customers, but in order to successfully offer this service in the long-term, the company needed to address its bandwidth issues.

The Solution:

Before choosing Globix, GlobusMedia investigated a variety of co-location providers, and although cost was important, the decision to choose Globix was based largely on its physical facilities, specifically, its geographic location and international presence. Globix has comprehensive service capabilities via its secure Data Centres, high-performance global backbone and content delivery network.

Jens Lundgaard, Director of GlobusMedia, commented: “GlobusMedia is not in the business of selling servers, so for us, the main thing is certainty – certainty that our co-location facility will stay up, and certainty that if our customers have a sudden need for increased bandwidth or another complex issue, it can be managed. Globix truly enables us to fulfil our end-to-end service offerings. Without Globix, we would never have attempted to offer our clients hosting services.”

GlobusMedia recently became a Globix Solutions Partner, and the two companies participate in joint-marketing initiatives to offer customers the best of GlobusMedia’s Web development with the power and security of Globix Internet hosting, network and applications solutions for business.

Lundgaard added: “Revenues have doubled for us every year for the past four years, and that growth is expected to continue. In order for us to be able to meet this demand, we will be relying more and more on Globix to support the outsourcing of streaming media, firewall solutions, systems administration and databases.”

Globix truly enables us to fulfil our end-to-end service offerings. Without Globix, we would never have attempted to offer our clients hosting services.

Jens Lundgaard
Director of GlobusMedia