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Globix Announces its New EarthCache Content Delivery Network

NEW YORK – October 25, 2000

NEW YORK – NY, Internet World Fall 2000 – October 25, 2000 – Globix Corporation (NASDAQ: GBIX), today announced the development of a new content delivery network infrastructure, named EarthCache, which will be a more powerful solution than existing delivery networks on the market. The next-generation content distribution system will ride on top of the Globix worldwide network and provide businesses with improved performance, faster information delivery times, increased server efficiency, better bandwidth management, as well as faster delivery of Web content and streaming media.

Globix is in the process of building out the infrastructure and intends to make the servicecommercially available in December. Several existing Globix clients are in the pre-production testphase.

With EarthCache, Globix will deploy its Content Delivery Network globally across the edges of itsnetwork, including private and public peering locations. This distributed network will mirror andcache content locally, typically at a point much closer to the end user than the source server. Thiswill translate into improved response time to the end user, and hence the overall improvedperformance of an Internet presence. As response times are a major consideration in end-usersatisfaction as well as in the revenue models of many Internet companies, this enhancedperformance can have a significant impact on the success of an Internet business.

EarthCache has a unique advantage over other content delivery networks in that Globix hasestablished one of the largest peering networks in the world – more than 1,100 peering-connectionagreements with some 450 network providers. The extensive reach of the Globix network multipliesthe effects of improved performance.

Also, because Globix operates its own 20,000-mile worldwide Internet backbone network and usesintelligent routing to determine the fastest, most direct route to the end user’s network, Globix isable to control the distribution of content, not only from its EarthCache Content Delivery Network,but also across its own backbone network. This means Globix will have much greater control overthe quality of its service.

The market for content delivery services is predicted to grow to $1.4 billion in the United Statesalone by 2003, according to the Boston-based Yankee Group.

‘The performance of an e-business is highly dependent on response times,’ said Marc H. Bell,chairman and CEO of Globix. ‘By combining the wide reach and intelligent routing of the Globixbackbone network with the new EarthCache distribution system, Globix can boost end-userretention and satisfaction with faster response times. At the same time, we can increase theperformance of clients’ servers co-located in the Globix Internet Data Centers.’

‘Globix has earned a reputation as a premium provider of streaming media services,’ said Peter L.Herzig, chief operating officer of Globix Application Services. ‘With this best-of-breed EarthCacheinfrastructure, running on top of the Globix super-carrier network backbone with one of the largestpeering networks in the world, Globix Streaming Media is poised to push the capabilities of audioand video streaming to the edge.’

About Globix

Globix is a leading provider of advanced Internet hosting, network and applications solutions for business. Globix delivers services via its secure state-of-the-art Internet DATA Centers, its high-performance global backbone and content delivery network, and its world-class technical professionals. Globix provides businesses with cutting-edge Internet resources and the ability to deploy, manage and scale mission-critical Internet operations for optimum performance and cost efficiency.

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