UK SALES: 0800 085 6482
NEON SALES: 508-616-7800

As one of the UK’s largest independent publishing and information companies, Centaur Communications has a long history of developing market-leading products within traditional publishing, exhibitions, conferences, and events.

Headquartered in London’s Poland Street, and with a total of seven offices located throughout the UK, Centaur has extended its business in the last few years through the development of a number of highly successful Web portal and on-line information service brands.

With a broad geographical spread and multiple on-line portfolios, Centaur had two main requirements from Globix. Firstly, to provide secure and reliable connectivity to the Internet, and second, to provide a centralized hosting environment where its leading on-line services, such as Lawtel,,, and could reside.

“With an increasing requirement for a secure and highly available hosting service that provides easy connectivity, we were required to outsource a provider that had a fast global network,” says Ian Mortimer, IT Director at Centaur Communications. “We chose Globix because they had a track record of being reliable, fault tolerant, and above all secure.”

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