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Losing data is not an option. Globix is prepared to capture valuable data before the disaster occurs, paving the way for a quick restoration.

Backing up your servers is one of the most critical measures you can take to protect your business, yet ensuring that error-free backups occur regularly is daunting for even the most savvy IT departments. When you add to this the need to store the information offsite for redundancy and keep track of incremental versus full backup sessions, it is no wonder more and more companies are turning to IT experts, like Globix, to handle backups.

Through a consistent disk and tape-based backup strategy, we help companies mitigate the risk of malicious behavior and natural disasters. This simple, flexible, and cost-effective recovery storage system can schedule full or incremental backup processes quickly. In addition, after holding critical business information on-site for two months, information can be transferred to tape and moved off-site for added security and resilience.

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