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“As a leading provider of RealNetworks solutions Globix has the expertise, technology and support to provide clients with a high- performance streaming media solution. We’ve been pleased with the results when we’ve partnered with Globix for on-site production and encoding.”

Len Jordan
Senior Vice President
Media Systems,

Boasting more than 70 million registered users in one of the fastest-growing segments of the Internet, RealNetworks is the leading provider of streaming media technology with the most players on the market. And when it comes to providing clients with RealNetwork’s cutting-edge solutions, the Globix Streaming Media Group is the Real deal.

As one of the largest RealNetworks solutions providers on the East Coast, Globix can offer clients integrated streaming expertise on Real’s technology platform. That is a winning combination that has helped clients, such as RBN and RazorFish Studios deliver quality online broadcasts to thousands of online users.

RealBroadcastNetworks (RBN), a division of RealNetworks, hosts live and on-demand Webcasts for many entertainment and corporate customers. When one of its customers, American Health Network (AHN) required a mobile, on-site production crew for an online series, RBN called on Globix Corporation to ensure a high-performance, professional production solution. RBN knew that Globix, a turnkey provider of streaming media solutions was well positioned to capture content from around the country and encode it in RealMedia.

RazorFish Studios, a diverse collection of artwork, sketches, and experiments that test the digital medium, exclusively uses Real technology to deliver its streamed audio and video content. So when they were looking for an encoding, hosting and broadcasting solution to help them deliver their content online, Globix was the obvious choice.

As a one-stop provider of streaming services and a RealNetworks partner, we were able to offer RazorFish all of the services it needed. Hosted in our specially designed Internet Data Center and broadcast over our fault-tolerant network, RazorFish’s content is available to thousands of simultaneous viewers, 24 x 7. In addition, as one of Real’s largest East Coast providers, Globix is adept at encoding content into RealNetworks format and provides an enhanced level product support.

If you’re looking for a high-performance, flexible service to deliver content online, call Globix at 1 (877) 7-GLOBIX or Inquire NOW!. We’ll give you a Real solution.

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