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“Globix enables us to reach our goal: to include as many people as possible in the presentation of our music events. The Internet is a fantastic tool for reaching viewers around the world. Globix Corporation’s ability to capture and encode content anywhere in the world, allows us to take advantage of this broadband opportunity.”

Ross McFarlane
Studio Director
House of Blues Digital

House of Blues had everything an entertainment company ever dreams of: solid corporate backing, franchise restaurants and music halls around the United States, some of the hottest music acts in the world and a devoted following. The company was only missing one thing—a production crew that was mobile enough for worldwide travel and experienced enough to capture, encode and transmit content digitally for broadcasts over the Internet.

Founded in 1992 by Hard Rock Cafe pioneer, Isaac B. Tigrett, the House of Blues has presented top name performers, like B.B. King and Eric Clapton, that have attracted music lovers in droves. The next logical step was to capitalize on the company’s success and take its events to a new level with online broadcasts that would reach viewers around the globe.

The Globix Streaming Media Group’s expertise and ability to provide a mobile production studio onsite, anywhere in the world, offered the House of Blues the perfect solution.

Using the Streaming Media Group’s Road Encode Studio, an integrated production studio on wheels, the Streaming Media Group has traveled to Amsterdam, the UK and Australia and helped House of Blues broadcast such recognized events as Blondie, Phish, Robbie Williams, the Tibetan Freedom Festival and OzzFest to music lovers around the world.

The results of the online broadcasts have been everything House of Blues had hoped for. Users from around the world have called to express their appreciation. And by cultivating their name worldwide, the company has opened the door to the possibility of international expansion. If you’re thinking of expanding your business via online broadcasts, the Globix Streaming Media Group is the place to call. Contact us at 1-800-4-GLOBIX or Inquire NOW!

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