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“This film was a labor of love, developed to showcase the company’s filmmaking ability and technology. And Globix helped us broadcast our work over the Internet to viewers around the globe. We’ve had requests for screenings from as far away as Iceland, and thanks to the Globix Streaming Media Group, we had an opportunity to reach everyone.”

Chris Wedge
Writer/Director of Bunny
Co-founder of Blue Sky Studios

When Academy Award winning Blue Sky Studios isn’t busy creating sci-fi characters for films like Star Trek: Insurrection or singing, dancing cockroaches for cult classics, such as Joe’s Apartment, it stays occupied writing and directing film shorts, like Bunny, which won the 1999 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

Using the sophisticated technology, radiosity, which mimics the subtle properties of light, Bunny highlighted both the company’s filmmaking ability as well as its technology, and Blue Sky wanted to showcase these capabilities to a broad audience. But the studio faced a major dilemma: how to deliver its award winning film short to a global audience? That’s where Globix stepped in.

Globix already had a relationship with Blue Sky as a supplier of 3-D animation and compositing systems as well as Dedicated Access to the Internet, so the decision to turn to Globix for a streaming media solution was the next logical step. As a leading provider of streaming media services, Globix knew it could solve Blue Sky’s dilemma with an integrated approach. The solution would include everything the studio needed to deliver its broadcast, on demand, to a worldwide audience over the Internet.

Utilizing Globix Corporation’s streaming expertise, equipment and facilities, the Streaming Media Group provided an all-in-one solution that included production and encoding as well as archiving the streams for on-demand viewing and broadcasting them from our state-of-the-art Internet Data Center.

The strategy paid off and the online broadcast was a success. It attracted thousands of viewers from as far away as Australia and Japan and achieved Blue Sky’s vision of showcasing its capabilities worldwide. At Globix that’s how we measure our success—by our ability to help clients realize their goals. By calling 1 (877) 7-GLOBIX or inquiring online, we can help you achieve yours, too.

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