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Bell Joins UUNET, TCG CERFnet and DIGEX in
Network of National Backbone Partners

New York, NEW YORK, February 2, 1998 Bell Technology Group Ltd.

(NASDAQ: BELT, BELTW), the only publicly traded full-service Internet Service Provider based in New York City, announced that it has joined The InterVU Network (NASDAQ: ITVU) as a regional backbone provider among a group of nationally known ISPs which include UUNET, TCG CERFnet, DIGEX, Exodus, GlobalCenter, IXL and SuperNet. Bell Technology Group was invited to become a partner in The InterVU Network’s Preferred Partner Program based on outstanding results of several rigorous
performance tests.

The InterVU Network provides high quality video delivery by partnering with ISPs that are required to pass rigorous performance tests before they can be invited into InterVU’s prestigious distributed backbone network.  The tests measure download time, hop count (number of transitions through
networks) and network reliability. The ISP must maintain outstanding hosting capabilities, bandwidth management, technical expertise and connections as well as provide fast and highly reliable network connectivity to all Internet users.

"Having been selected by The InterVU Network to serve as a backbone partner in the company of other nationally and internationally known ISPs is a testimonial that re-affirms Bell Technology Group’s strength as a reliable and secure Internet service provider" said Marc H.Bell, president and CEO of Bell Technology Group Ltd. "This partnership is another significant benchmark in our efforts to continue expanding and upgrading our growing roster of services for our increasing client list."

Members of the Preferred Partner Program have continuous access to InterVU’s proprietary performance monitoring and network analysis system. InterVU Network’s video delivery and distributed network services ensure outstanding continued response time and delivery speed.

"We carefully evaluate each potential partner to ensure that our
network includes only those backbone providers with outstanding performance," said Brian Kenner, CTO of InterVU Network. "Keep in mind that this is a great challenge and very few ISPs stand out. Bell Technology Group has demonstrated its power and capabilities, and we are very pleased to include them in our program."

About Bell Technology Group
Bell Technology Group Ltd. is a premier provider of complete Internet solutions for New York area businesses seeking to effectively utilize the Internet. The Company offers high-speed Internet connections, web site hosting and co-location, programming and integration to over 325 corporate clients including MSNBC Business Video, Penthouse magazine and Lucent Technologies.  Bell Technology Group also provides training and development to corporate and academic clients at its state-of-the-art computer and Internet training center and provides development ofcutting edge multimedia technology.

About InterVU Network
Offering full-service video solutions to major ISP’s, advertisers,
advertising agencies, TV networks and web sites, the InterVU Network optimizes bandwidth for Web sites and end-users to increase performance while driving down costs. InterVU’s comprehensive, turnkey video services include the management and distribution of the V-Banner video advertising banner,  video-on-demand, live broadcast and video encoding. InterVU currently works with over 30 clients including Fortune 500 companies such as NBC, Major League Baseball, Intel, Ralston Purina, FAO Schwartz, and Volvo. 

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