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GigaMedia Access and Globix Join Forces to Secure High-Value Enterprise Content

NEW YORK – August 5, 2003

New York, NY. – August 5, 2003 – GigaMedia Access and Globix Corporation (OTC: GBXX) announced today the joint operation and marketing of a new content security platform called GigaTrust – that will utilize Microsoft’s Rights Management technology to protect customer’s internal content even after it leaves an enterprise’s network. The relationship will feature GigaMedia’s software and Globix’s state-of-the-art data centers, network, and managed services to deliver trusted email, portal content, and mobile applications to business customers.

The fully hosted and managed solution will be jointly marketed by both companies and is a component of Globix’s Rights Management Services suite. By securing content after it leaves the enterprise, customers can enforce security rules both inside and outside the company. For example, an author can prevent recipients from forwarding email, modifying a document, or accessing data after a specified period of time. The GigaTrust suite will appeal to mid-sized enterprises that will use the technology to enforce legal disclaimers, enforce non-disclosure agreements, comply with privacy legislation, and protect intellectual property.

GigaTrust for Email Customers can secure their email and utilize additional mobility and collaboration applications by downloading and installing software to a personal computer running Microsoft Outlook 2000 or higher. GigaTrust customers use Outlook as their personal command center for securely emailing and communicating with co-workers, colleagues, and external business partners.

GigaTrust for Web Servers Web site owners who host their site at Globix can protect portal content by adding the GigaTrust offering to their existing Globix service. The GigaTrust for Web Servers enables web site owners to enforce specific rules and conditions for retrieving content. Unlike existing web methods, GigaTrust protects database, html, and file content even after it has been delivered. This means that a “trusted” recipient cannot download and forward information to non-trusted individuals.

“Globix has always been a leader in providing security for our customers’ hosted content, said Peter Stevenson, Globix’s CEO. “GigaTrust allows us to extend required security measures outside the data center to wherever a customer’s content may ultimately be distributed, including e-mail.” “Globix is the ideal partner with which to launch the GigaTrust hosted service,” said Tom Ebert, VP of Sales for GigaMedia. “They are committed to customer security and their managed services provide the security and reliability required for our application.”

The GigaTrust hosted community is currently operational in the Globix Data Center in New York City. Customers may participate in a free 30-day individual subscriber trial by going to Following the 30-day trial, the service is available for $9.95 per user per month.

About GigaMedia GigaMedia Access Corporation provides trusted mobility and collaboration solutions utilizing Microsoft’s rights management technology. GigaMedia delivers trusted content security so customers can share and secure email, files, and attachments even after they leave the company network. GigaMedia hosts the GigaTrust community so individuals and small businesses can enroll for a monthly subscription fee without setting up a server or re-configuring a firewall. GigaMedia’s mobility and collaboration applications are accessed through Microsoft Outlook so that users do not have to open a new program or modify their current business processes.

About Globix: Globix ( is a leading provider of managed infrastructure services for business customers. Globix delivers applications and services via its secure state-of-the-art Data Centers, high-performance global Tier 1 IP backbone, content delivery network, and its world-class technical professionals. Globix provides businesses with cutting-edge technology resources and the ability to deploy, manage and scale mission-critical Internet-based operations for optimum performance and cost efficiency.

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