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V2 Records Expands with Globix Streaming Media

NEW YORK – March 20, 2001

NEW YORK – Mar. 20, 2001 – Globix Corporation (NASDAQ: GBIX) today announced that V2 Records,the independent record label founded by Richard Branson, has expanded its relationship withGlobix to include Streaming Media services.

V2 has engaged Globix to provide an advanced Internet solution that includes complex Webhosting, high-speed dedicated network services and now streaming media, taking full advantage ofthe benefits that come from the integration of the Globix infrastructure and its value-addedapplication services. The Globix network and state-of-the-art data centers are engineered togetherwith its application services to provide businesses like V2 with superior performance and reliability.

With the adoption of the new streaming solution, Globix enabled V2 to cut costs and increaseefficiency at multiple locations around the globe. Using the new Globix AutoEncode service, each V2office independently can FTP its content to Globix, where the content is automatically andsimultaneously encoded into three formats -Windows Media, RealNetworks and QuickTime- andinto multiple bit rates for narrowband and broadband users. Globix AutoEncode reduces the cost ofencoding eight-fold, compared to traditional encoding. V2 houses its servers in Globix SuperPOPInternet Data Centers in New York and London and uses multiple T-3, E-3 and T-1 dedicated leased-linesfrom Globix for high-speed network access.

‘Globix has been very responsive in working with us to develop the online tools we need to be acompelling, innovative and effective force in the music industry,’ said Brian Uckert, IT Director at V2Records. ‘When we bring an idea to them, they are able to help us architect the technology andimplement it quickly.’

‘The AutoEncode product, especially, offers a significant cost savings as well as greater autonomyto our local offices from a business perspective,’ Uckert said. ‘We’re a global company. We canthink and work globally, and act locally. This Globix service facilitates that. In addition, all content isencoded and maintained in one central location, which standardizes the quality across all officesand reduces duplication of efforts.’

‘The ability to provide online music and music videos has become a necessity in today’s musicindustry, as broadband has expanded into more households,’ said Peter L. Herzig, Chief OperatingOfficer of Globix Application Services. ‘We are pleased that our client, V2 Records, recognizes thepower of the integrated infrastructure that distinguishes Globix from everyone else, and we lookforward to continuing work with V2 to deliver cutting-edge solutions for the entertainment industry.’

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