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Globix and iFilm Pioneer GroundBreaking Broadcast of Feature Film Online Using Latest Version of Windows Media

NEW YORK – May 4, 1999

Globix Corporation (NASDAQ: GBIX), a leading provider of Internet connectivity and sophisticated Internet-based solutions for large and medium size businesses, was selected by iFilm Network, a cutting-edge online film destination, to assist in the online broadcast of Dead Broke, a never-before-released feature film, starring Paul Sorvino.

Dead Broke will have its premier broadcast on May 5, 1999 at 2 pm over iFilm’s Web site and represents a groundbreaking event for the digital delivery of cinema. Simultaneous with the Internet broadcast of the film, Dead Broke will be also broadcast on the ‘big screen’ at the Tribeca Film Center via an Internet download that will be routed through a digital projector.

To ensure the smooth delivery of the film’s digital broadcast, iFilm turned to Globix Corporation to encode the beta master of the film. Exclusively using Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) latest streaming media platform, Windows Media Technologies 4.0, Globix encoded the master to enable users with a range of Internet connection speeds to view the broadcasts with optimal clarity.

iFilm Network was founded by Rodger Raderman to provide independent filmmakers with a forum for reaching audiences worldwide. The company’s Web site enables viewers to research and view a broad range of independent films as well as submit their own. The landmark debut of Dead Broke realizes Mr. Raderman’s vision of making independent films more widely accessible. Reflecting on the broadcast Mr. Raderman said, ‘The premier of Dead Broke reflects the goal of our company – to utilize technology to enable independent filmmakers with tremendous vision but small financial resources to reach viewers around the world.’

Marc H. Bell, President and CEO of Globix Corporation said, ‘I’m pleased that iFilm recognized our streaming media expertise and gave us the opportunity to assist in the delivery of this monumental event. This project highlights the future of the Internet and the future of our business, utilizing broadband to deliver a range of applications in a cost-effective and accessible format.’

‘Microsoft is pleased that iFilm and Globix chose to broadcast the online premier of Dead Broke using Windows Media 4.0,’ said Greg Carpenter, group product manager, Windows Media, Microsoft Corp. ‘People who tune in to Dead Broke will benefit from the superior audio and video quality of Windows Media, ensuring the best viewing experience.’

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