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Bell Technology Group Ltd. Names Richard Topolewski and Tim Flaherty to lead sales and marketing campaign

NEW YORK – November 10, 1997

Bell Technology Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: BELT, BELTW), the only publicly traded full-service Internet Service Provider based in New York City, announced that Richard Topolewski, 35, and Tim Faherty, 29, have joined the company to lead Bell’s aggressive sales and marketing campaign.

Mr. Topolewski, with 14 years experience in the telecommunications business,has been appointed as the Director of Internet Sales, a new position. Previously,he was the Northeast Regional Director of Agent Sales for MFS Communicationsin Jersey City, New Jersey, where he managed the local and long distanceservices department and the partner program for three-and-a-half years.From 1990-1994, he was the Agent Sales Manager at Metromedia Communicationswhere he managed independent distributors who marketed long-distance phoneservices. He began his career in telecommunications at MCI Communicationsin 1984 as a long-distance sales account executive. He completed his seven-yeartenure there in 1990 as New Jersey Sales Manager.

Mr. Faherty, a software engineer and network design specialist, wasappointed Director of Operations. He will oversee all of Bell TechnologyGroup’s technology-based operations, including research and development,and will manage all technical personnel and equipment. Previously, he wasa co-founder and Director of Technology for Solbright, a New York City-basedcompany which develops sales force automation software for the top fiveInternet advertising companies. Prior to that he was employed by SecurityAPL to develop and architect real-time on-line trading and investment researchsystems, including American Express Financial Direct and Vanguard on-line.He began his career at Merrill Lynch as a manager of technical audits.

‘Richard and Tim have 20 plus combined years of experience servicingclients who require a full-service Internet solutions provider,’ saidMarc H. Bell, CEO and President of Bell Technology Group Ltd. ‘WhileRichard reaches out to clients, listening to their needs and explaininghow our vast capabilities can make their lives easier and better, Tim isfocused on office research and implementing and monitoring new technologiesthat will help clients to attain their business goals. Their cooperativeefforts will surely advance our reputation for excellent client service.’

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